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To help our clients understand the challenges facing our energy system, we develop, modify and apply energy modeling, including integrated energy models.  We use these models to examine potential energy trends, impacts of energy policies, energy technologies and markets and the associated financial and economic impacts of energy related investment decisions. 

Our people are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. This service has often been rewarded with long-term client relationships spanning decades as well as client referrals that lead to new client relationships. Client agreements can be customized to meet a variety of needs and budgets. 

Our services include the following:

Some examples of economy-wide energy policies or alternative futures include:
  • Carbon pricing or cap-and-trade scenarios
  • High/low oil and natural gas prices
  • High/low macroeconomic growth
  • High/low renewable technology costs

Some examples of sectoral energy policies and technologies include:

  • Residential or commercial buildings sectors: appliance or lighting standards, building codes, equipment tax credits, changes in consumer behavior
  • Transportation sector: CAFE standards, gasoline taxes, alternative fueled vehicles such as electric vehicles (EV) or compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles
  • Industrial sector: combined heat and power, motor and boiler standards
  • Liquid fuels refining: renewable fuels standards, petroleum product exports
  • Electricity sector: Renewable Portfolio Standards, Clean Electricity Standards, tax credits for renewable or carbon capture technologies, Zero Emission Credits for nuclear generation, alternative technology costs
  • Oil and natural gas supply sector: unconventional drilling techniques such as hydraulic fracturing, CO2 enhanced oil recovery, oil/gas imports and exports
  • Coal supply sector: rail transport costs, mining productivity 

Inform Energy and Environmental Policy

CityScapeNight-sizedWe perform economic impact assessments of proposed energy and environmental regulations and policies, such as climate change policies, tax credits for renewable or carbon capture technologies or energy efficient appliances, CAFE standards and much more. These policies can have significant impacts on the mix of energy supply and demand, energy prices and environmental emissions. In order to design an effective policy or measure the potential impact of a policy on your business or stakeholders, it is important to use integrated modeling to examine their effects on energy markets and the energy system as a whole. OnLocation can provide the tools and expertise needed to answer your policy questions.   Click here to read more.

Assess Role of New Energy Technologies

Preamplifier_at_the_National_Ignition_Facility-compressed-sizedWe assess the role of new energy technologies, such as the impact of surging unconventional supplies of natural gas on energy markets or the potential role for small modular nuclear reactors in power production. OnLocation’s modeling and analysis can be used to assess the size of the market for a new energy technology, determine potential market impediments including competing technologies, and evaluate the ability of the technology to achieve its primary goals, such as reduced emissions or energy security. OnLocation has many years of expertise in using integrated energy models and creating customized applications that can capture the unique aspects of your technology questions. Click here to read more.  

Explore Alternative Energy Futures

solarwind-croppedWe design informative “what-if” scenarios and alternative energy futures for use in uncertainty analyses, including alternative energy prices or resources, technology costs and macroeconomic forecasts. It is not enough to assess the potential impacts of energy policies or technologies on the energy system using only business-as-usual assumptions about energy markets and the economy. OnLocation has many years of experience using uncertainty analysis to explore a range of outcomes that may occur under a variety of alternative energy futures.  Click here to read more

Innovative Energy Models

aes_possibility_zu01We have extensive experience using integrated energy modeling to assess the costs and benefits of energy policies and technologies and provide insights into potential implementation challenges.  We also design and implement innovative energy models and data tools that address new and challenging energy infrastructure and market needs.  Languages used to develop these tools include AIMMS, GAMS, and PYTHON.

Examples include:

  • National Energy Modeling System (NEMS) is OnLocation’s primary integrated modeling tool.  We are uniquely qualified to create customized applications of NEMS to explore energy and environmental issues and meet our clients’ needs.
  • REStore (Renewable and Electricity Storage) Model performs an hourly dispatch to examine electricity storage and the temporal pattern of variable renewable generation
  • CO2 pipeline infrastructure model determines the cost of delivering captured CO2 from power plants and industrial sources to enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and saline storage sites
  • Liquid Fuels Market models, both short-term and long-term, used to address the changing availability or quality of crude oil and petroleum products as well as emerging biofuels
  • DynaMOD Dynamic Merit Order Dispatch model, a data extraction and display system, used to analyze the NEMS power sector forecast at a much deeper level.
  • Probabilistic reliability model for estimating short-term electricity reliability and price impacts of power plant retrofits and retirements

Data Visualization

datavizWe design visualizations of complex information using state of the art software including Javascript and Processing languages as a way to gain additional insights into modeling results.

Examples include:

  • Sankey diagrams displaying regional energy flows
  • Treemap diagrams displaying electricity generation by region and fuel/technology
  • Animated graphics
  • GIS displays

Service Agreements

We deliver our services under a variety of agreements that are customized to the needs and budgets of our clients. By working closely with you, we can deliver in depth analysis of issues facing your industry in a cost-effective manner. Our services can expand the breadth and depth of your company’s expertise in areas of energy/environmental regulations and policies and their associated economic impacts.

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U.S. government agencies can use our GSA MAS Professional Services contract (GS-10F-0126U) to issue task orders for OnLocation to perform a wide variety of services. Available GSA services include the following and the pricelist can be found in the GSA eLibrary.

GSA SIN Services
541611 Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants, Management Support, and Business Program and Project Management Services
OLM Order Level Materials

Our services are designed to support all your business needs from conceptualizing the study to detailed quantitative analysis to building briefing packages that support your internal decision making and external communications with key stakeholders.

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