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Leading Energy Consultants

Collectively, the staff of OnLocation has over 100 years of working experience with integrated energy models including NEMS, Markal, POEMS, IDEAS and others. In addition, we have extensive experience developing and applying innovative mathematical models to address a wide variety of energy and environmental policy issues. Each of our senior energy consultants has over 20 years experience plus a postgraduate degree in fields such as economics, finance, mathematics, energy and environmental policy and computer systems analysis and programming in a variety of languages.

Lessly A. Goudarzi  - Founder and CEO of OnLocation, Inc., a management consulting firm providing technical, economic and financial counsel in both the private and public sectors

Frances P. Wood  Director at OnLocation, specializes in policy analyses using a variety of integrated energy models, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and transportation

Dana K. Griswold  Senior Consultant, specializes in the design and implementation of energy models and information systems

Reginald (Sandy) Sanders  Senior Consultant, specializes in the design and implementation of energy models with emphasis on linear programming

S. Lynne Smith  - Controller, specializes in the development and application of complex spreadsheet modeling systems

Sharon Showalter  Senior Consultant, specializes in integrated modeling with a special emphasis on climate policies, environmental regulations and the electric power sector

Eric Krall  Senior Consultant, specializes in developing and utilizing optimization models and other quantitative methods to analyze regulations and policies affecting the U.S. electric power industry.  



Less GoudarziMr. Goudarzi is the Founder and CEO of OnLocation, Inc., a management consulting firm providing technical, economic and financial counsel in both the private and public sectors. He has over forty years of experience in management consulting including a wide variety of project specific, industry wide, integrated regional, national and international energy and environmental policy analyses.

Mr. Goudarzi has spent a large portion of his career assisting public and private sector clients create the quantitative tools required to address structural and regulatory challenges in the energy industry. His current interests are in the structural and economic challenges associated with the surging supplies of domestic oil and natural gas, the technology challenges associated with climate change (specifically including carbon capture, transport and storage) and the continued pressure on the power industry associated with environmental regulations. His recent clients include the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, the Energy Information Administration, the National Energy Technology Laboratory and a number of private companies and NGOs with continued interest in domestic energy and environmental policy and specifically, climate change policies.

Mr. Goudarzi has an MBA concentrating in Management Science from Virginia Tech and received his B.A. from Wittenberg University where he majored in Economics and Business Administration. He is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma.

FRANCES P. WOOD                                                                                                 

Frances-2Ms. Wood is a Director at OnLocation and has over thirty years of energy and environmental consulting experience with government and private clients. She has performed policy analyses using a variety of integrated energy models, including EIA’s National Energy Modeling System (NEMS) that provide comprehensive representations of energy markets. Topical areas include impacts of technology and R&D, tax incentives, and regulatory policies across many sectors of the energy economy. Policy objectives have included the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improving energy security through reducing oil consumption and imports, as well as lowering costs to consumers. The electric power sector plays a central role in environmental policy, and Ms. Wood has analyzed the impacts of various proposals for reducing emissions from this sector, as well as its capability to adopt new technologies, such as wind and solar PV. She also has conducted several analyses of alternative transportation policies, including fuel taxes, vehicle mandates and subsidies, CAFE standards, biofuel mandates, and transportation low carbon fuel standards. She led a model development activity to add representation of hydrogen production and delivery to NEMS. She also is working on the construction of a new transportation model for EIA’s World Energy Projection System Plus (WEPS+).  Other areas of interest include the analyses of residential and commercial sector policies, such as appliance standards and subsidies.

Before joining OnLocation in 1997, Ms. Wood was Director of Consulting for the AES Corporation, a global power company. Ms. Wood has an A.B. from Dartmouth College and a M.S. in Engineering Economic Systems from Stanford University.

DANA K. GRISWOLD                                                                                              

Dana-2Ms. Griswold is a Senior Consultant with OnLocation and has over twenty five years experience designing and implementing models and information systems for many types of clients. She has supported the international modeling at DOE/EIA, including the current WEPS+ model as well as its predecessor the SAGE Markal model. She was the key analyst in the design and implementation of changes made to the SAGE electricity sector, and is currently a key modeler of the new WEPS+ transportation model. She supports the (DOE/EIA) U.S. integrated energy model NEMS (including over 15 years of substantive code changes to the electricity model and more recently implementing the liquid fuels market model integration) and was a major contributor in the development of the Policy Office Electricity Modeling System (POEMS). She has also made significant improvements to the Dynamic Merit Order Dispatch Model (written in Processing, a Java type language). She has successfully undertaken model conversions from several different platforms (Personal Computer, Mainframe, RISC) and integrated widely different models written in different languages (NEMS to POEMS, NEMS to IPM, and NEMS to GAMS models (CTS and LFMM)). She has assisted many government and NGO clients by conducting numerous electricity, energy, and environmental studies.

Ms. Griswold has a B.A. in International Studies from Dickinson College, a B.S. in Information Systems Management from the University of Maryland, and a M.S. in Technology Management from the American University.

REGINALD (SANDY) SANDERS                                                             

Sandy-1Mr. Sanders is a Senior Consultant with OnLocation and has over thirty five years of experience creating and exercising integrated energy and environmental models to help clients gain the knowledge necessary to confront the energy and environmental issues that continue to challenge our economic and environmental health. His last 25 years with the OnLocation team has allowed him to use his modeling and linear programming expertise to provide objective quantitative analysis to a wide variety of stakeholders in addressing energy, environmental and climate issues for the U.S.

Mr. Sanders began his career with a government agency that would become the Energy Information Administration (EIA), helping to create and utilize an integrated energy and environmental model, which helped the U.S. address the challenges of the 1973 oil embargo. He continued with EIA for nearly a decade, building, modifying and using models to inform policy makers in their efforts to address a series of energy and environmental issues that challenged the nation. Much of his current focus is on providing analysis of the impacts of proposed environmental legislation on the energy markets. Specifically, climate change policies are expected to press the power sector and refining sector into adopting new less carbon intensive asset choices. Model enhancements and analysis are needed to inform OnLocation’s clients of the economic consequences and physical limitations of investing in these new assets. Each policy choice influences the selection of new assets and results in different carbon migration efficiency and economic outcomes, such as higher direct costs to consumers.

Mr. Sanders has a M.S. degree in Management Science from the University of Miami and also received his B.S. from Miami where he majored in Mathematics with a minor in Physics.

S. LYNNE SMITH                                                                                                   

Lynne-1Ms. Smith is a Senior Consultant with extensive experience in the development and application of complex spreadsheet modeling systems. She has built financial forecasting models of electric G&T, distribution and telecommunications entities. She has been responsible for the financial analysis of a number of cooperative operations for use in debt restructurings. She also contributed to the development of the first quantitatively based portfolio risk management assessment system for the USDA Rural Utility Service broadband and electric programs. Ms. Smith has more than 30 years of experience in accounting and business administration. She has been the controller for a number of entities and is currently the controller for OnLocation.

Ms. Smith has a B.B.A. (Magna Cum Laude) in Accounting from the University of Georgia.

SHARON B. SHOWALTER                                                                                      


Ms. Showalter has more than 30 years of experience with data analysis, computer modeling and project management focused on analyzing energy and environmental policies with a special emphasis on climate policies and the electric power sector in the United States.  She currently manages projects and provides energy and environmental expertise to both government and non-government clients.  Her specialty areas include integrated energy modeling, climate change and other environmental emissions analysis, and electric generation technologies and policy incentives.  Client projects include analyzing the potential energy, environmental and economic impacts of a variety of proposed climate-related legislative and regulatory policies, technology-based standards and tax-related incentives using the National Energy Modeling System (NEMS) computer model.  For each project, Ms. Showalter works with the client to design a modeling approach, modifies model parameters to perform each scenario in NEMS, and creates detailed spreadsheets and briefings to explain key results and insights. She also works closely with the OnLocation NEMS development team to design and test model enhancements as needed in order to meet the client’s needs.

Ms. Showalter has managed numerous projects using the National Energy Modeling System (NEMS) to analyze potential impacts of CO2 mitigation strategies, including carbon pricing, cap-and-trade programs, technology-based clean electricity standards, and the EPA Clean Power Plan. She has also performed and managed numerous projects focused on modeling the impacts of renewable portfolio standards, energy tax credits, the adoption of new electric technologies, and environmental regulations such as the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS).

Before joining OnLocation in 2004, Ms. Showalter was a Senior Project Manager for the AES Corporation, a global power company. Ms. Showalter received an A.B. from Dartmouth College (cum laude) and a M.S. in Energy Management and Policy from the University of Pennsylvania.



eric krall - bwEric Krall is a Senior Consultant at OnLocation and has more than ten years of experience with analysis, modeling, and project management related to energy markets.  His specialty areas include developing and utilizing optimization models and other quantitative methods to analyze regulations and policies affecting the U.S. electric power industry.  He has performed analyses of the power sector and regional electricity markets using linear and mixed-integer optimization models, production cost models, relational databases, statistical computing programs, and other tools.  Mr. Krall is experienced with numerous programming languages and modeling platforms including GAMS, SAS, R, SQL, and PROMOD, among others.  

Before joining OnLocation, Mr. Krall spent more than ten years with the federal government focused on topics involving electric utilities and electricity markets, working for most of that time at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  He has also worked at the U.S. Energy Information Administration and served on a detail assignment to the Council on Environmental Quality.  Mr. Krall holds an M.S. in Applied Economics from the Johns Hopkins University; an M.S. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the Pennsylvania State University; and a B.S. in Engineering Science, with a minor in Electronic and Photonic Materials, from the Pennsylvania State University.

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