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OnLocation, Inc. is recognized as a leading energy consulting firm providing objective quantitative analysis of energy, environmental, and climate change policies to a diverse set of stakeholders since 1984. Our mission is to use quantitative analytical methods to objectively inform strategic players in energy and related industries to improve the outcome of business and policy decisions as the U.S. strives for a balanced and sustainable energy future. To help our clients understand the implications of the challenges facing the energy system, we develop, modify, and apply a variety of systems models and data analysis tools to examine energy trends, impacts of proposed government policies, and the associated financial and economic impacts of energy investment decisions.

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Employment Opportunities:

Energy System Modeler/Analyst

We are seeking Energy System Modelers/Analysts with strong analytical skills to join our team. A few key responsibilities include designing and implementing changes for existing energy models, designing and developing mathematical models, and working with large data sets to analyze data quality and identify options for resolving quality issues.

Read the full position description and apply using the link above. A few of the minimum qualifications include an undergraduate degree (Operations Research, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Mathematics, Statistics, Energy Policy, or closely related field); 5-10 years related experience; and experience applying quantitative techniques, linear algebra, linear/non-linear programming, optimization, and economics.

The position will be open until filled.



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