Energy Systems Consulting Perspectives

Energy Systems Consulting Perspectives

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The Power of Energy Modeling: Illuminating the Path to Clean Air

Effluent Guidelines for Coal: The Often-Overlooked Regulations Shaping the Energy Industry

The Annual Energy Outlook 2023 Heralds a New Era of Energy Policy

Decarbonization: Resolving Uncertainty with Modeling and Engineering

Updated Study Examines the Impact of Halting New Lease Sales in the Gulf of Mexico and Low Oil Demands

An Innovative Approach to Achieving a Clean Energy Future

Energy Storage: Options for Fossil Power

Challenges of Modeling Hydrogen in the U.S. Energy System

The Annual Energy Outlook 2022 Has Arrived!

Analyzing the Role of Advanced Nuclear Energy in Deep Decarbonization

Carbon Capture: OnLocation Identifies the Potential, the Roadblocks, and the Questions

EIA Annual Energy Outlook 2021 Provides Insights and Opportunities

OnLocation Presents the NEMS REStore Model at AIMMS Webinar Series

Policies that Promote Clean Energy from Fossil Fuels

Multiple U.S. Energy Models Highlight the Importance of Incentives for CO2 Capture Technologies

Negative Consequences Expected from Proposed Restrictions on Oil and Natural Gas Production

Transportation and Climate Initiative Webinar on September 16; OnLocation Modeling Supports This Process

Opportunities and Challenges Presented by High Deployment of Renewables on the Grid

The Next Generation of Vehicles

What if... Fracking was banned?

Transportation and Climate Initiative MOU Comment Period Ends; OnLocation Modeling Supports This Process

What’s in Store with the Battery Revolution

Why the U.S. Needs Nuclear Power

U.S. Energy Models Compare Technology Innovation with CO2 Policy

The 45Q Sequestration Tax Credits: Congress’s Latest Boost for CCS Technologies

Decarbonizing the Nation's Grid: The Good, The Bad, and the Unknown

Regulatory Hurdles of a Revolutionary Technology to Fight Climate Change

Market Failures, Inefficiencies, and Other Issues with Baseload Generation in ISO Markets

Potential Savings of Extending Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credits for 10 years

Tax Policy's Potential Role in the Transition to a Low Carbon Future

Are Microgrids the Solution for Puerto Rico?

Natural Gas Can Play a Role in a Transition to a Low Carbon Future

The Carbon Dividend Strategy: The Grand Bargain (Old Idea with a New Impetus?)

Designing an Integrated Energy Modeling Platform

The “Duck” Has Landed

API Study - A World Without Fossil Fuels?

U.S. Mid-Century Strategy

NEMS and the Duck Issue

Our Complex Electric System

How New Transportation Technologies Will Impact Energy Markets

5 Critical Factors That Will Impact the Adoption Rate of New Transportation Technologies

7 Key Factors Influencing Market Adoption of New Energy Technologies

How Integrated Energy Models Predict the Impact of Alternative Futures

3 Key Factors That Impact Alternative Power Generation Technologies

6 Questions to Ask About the Future of Electricity Generation

Managing Risk Due to Changing Natural Gas Prices

How to Assess the Impact of Alternative Power Generation Technologies

How Will Changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard Impact Suppliers?

Environmental Compliance for the Power Industry

Find the Best EPA Clean Power Plan Compliance Strategies

Four Energy and Environmental Policy Challenges

How Long Does a NEMS Model Run Take?

How Much Does It Cost to Run the NEMS Model?

What Can the NEMS Model Do and What Can’t It Do?

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