The impact of technology innovation, fuel prices, and a carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction policy on the electric power and end-use sectors was analyzed by comparing results from four U.S. energy-economic models through the year 2050.

U.S. Energy Models Compare Technology Innovation with CO2 Policy

Frances Wood and Sharon Showalter at OnLocation co-authored a paper that was recently published in the Energy Modeling Forum (EMF) 32 special issue of the journal Energy Economics. 

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Key issues include the adoption rate of these technologies, their effect on electricity prices, how they could help efforts to reduce carbon emissions, and how their impact will be felt across different economic sectors.

6 Questions to Ask About the Future of Electricity Generation

As new power generation technologies emerge, so do questions about the future of those technologies and the impact they might have.


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Integrated Modeling Whitepaper

Learn about the importance of using Integrated energy modeling when performing impact assessments.

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OnLocation uses quantitative analytical methods to objectively inform strategic players in energy and related industries.  Our goal is to improve the outcome of business and policy decisions for corporations and public entities at the local and national level in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

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What We Do - Energy Consulting

At OnLocation Inc. our consultants have extensive experience analyzing all aspects of the energy system using an integrated modeling approach. Our work focuses on:

  • Analyzing the impact of proposed energy and environmental policies
  • Designing scenarios to explore alternate energy futures
  • Providing insight into complex tradeoffs of energy and environment policy designs
  • Providing an unbiased quantitative analysis that can inform your decision making process

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Inform Energy and Environmental Policy

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We perform economic impact assessments of proposed energy and environmental regulations and policies, such as the EPA Clean Power Plan.

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Assess Role Of New Energy Technologies

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We assess the role of new energy technologies, such as the impact of surging unconventional supplies of natural gas and crude oil on both domestic and international markets. 

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Explore Alternative Energy Futures

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We design “what-if” scenarios and alternative energy futures for use in uncertainty analyses, including alternative energy prices and macroeconomic forecasts.

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OnLocation Resources

Here you will find case studies relating to our prior work, whitepapers covering the complex issues and ongoing trends related to energy analysis and policies, and links to a variety of energy demand forecasts

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analysis-626881__180Our energy consulting team has produced compelling results for a wide variety of organizations, including government agencies, non-profit organizations and energy-related businesses. We offer unprecedented experience and capabilities applying modeling tools such as NEMS (the #1 most trusted integrated energy model) and building custom models and analytical approaches to address our client’s needs.  Some of our past clients are listed below. 

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